The Research Center of Fractional Order Problem Theory and Scientific Computation Was Established.

From June 30th to July 1st, the international conference on fractional differential equation theory and its application sponsored by SDNU was held. Guo Bailing, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Huanbin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of SDNU attended the conference together with 80 experts and scholars from American and domestic colleges and universities. The opening ceremony of was chaired by Professor Chen Huanzhen from School of mathematics and statistics of SDNU.During the ceremony, the research center of fractional order problem theory and scientific computation was established.

On behalf of SDNU,Wang Huanbin gave a speech. He warmly welcomed the experts and scholars and briefly introduced the reform and development of SDNU as well as the development of the school of mathematics and statistics and the research team of fractional theory and application.He highly appraised the importance of establishing the research center and hoped that the conference can be a successful one. Guo Bailing gave a speech, he said that the current fractional partial differential equation is of great theoretical and practical value. He said that the establishment of the center can provide an academic exchange platform for the research of the current fractional theory and application problems, marking the new journey of the research on the fractional order of the Shandong Normal University.

During the conference, Guo Bailing and Wang Huanbin unveiled plaque of the research center of fractional order problem theory and scientific computation of Shandong Normal University.SDNU employed Guo Bailing as the director of the research center, and Wang Huanbin issued him a letter of appointment.