The Higher Education Research Institute of SDNU Was Established.

On June 30th, the connotation quality improvement and "double first class" Construction Summit Forum of provincial universities and the establishment ceremony of the higher education research institute of Shandong Normal University was held in Qianfoshan Campus. Kang Kai, vice president and Secretary General of the Chinese Academy of higher education, Professor Liu Baocun ,director of the Institute of international and comparative education, Beijing Normal University, Professor Zhang Yingqiang, director of the Institute of education and science of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor Wang Hongcai from Xiamen University, Professor Li Liguo from Renmin University of China, Professor Han Yan Ming, Guo Nian Feng and some of the heads of higher education research institutes were invited. President Tang Bo attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. The opening ceremony was chaired by Vice President Wan Guangxia.

In his speech, Tang Bo introduced the significance of promoting the development of the reform, the "double first class" construction and the importance of planning and construction of the higher education research institute. Kang Kai made an important speech on how to implement the task of the national higher education conference in the new era and further promote the development of the connotation of higher education and the construction of the research base of higher education.

Kang Kai and Tang Bo unveiled the plaque of Higher Education Research Institute of Shandong Normal University. The experts and scholars such as Kang Kai, Liu Baocun, Zhang Yingqiang, Wang Hongcai, Li Liguo, Han Yanming, Ma Guangshui, Sheng Zhenwen were employed as the first special professors of the higher education research institute of Shandong Normal University.