The Experts Investigated and Supervised the Construction of Degree Authorization Center of the Subject of Marxism Theory.

On June 26th, Xu Weifan,inspector of the Department of Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education, Hu Daping, Director of the School of Marxism of Nanjing University, Yu Kun,secretary of the expert group came to SDNU to inspect and supervise the construction of degree authorization center of the subject of Marxism theory. VicePresidents of SDNU Wang Chuankui and Wan Guangxia attended the meeting.

Wan Guangxia warmly welcomed and expressed sincere thanks to the experts,and then gave a brief introduction of SDNU. He required that the School of Marxism work closely with the experts in order to check and promote the construction work and ensure the smooth progress of the investigation. Xu Weifan explained the importance of the investigation and supervision and the key points of the inspection work, and then put forward specific requirements.