On June 23rd, Shandong Normal University held the 2018 undergraduate and postgraduate commencement ceremony. Special guest,1978 alumnus of Chinese Department of SDNU, former deputy governor of Shandong Province,former vice president of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Zhao Runtian was invited and attended the ceremony, Shang Zhixiao ,Tang Bo,Wang Huanbin,Yao Dongfang,Duan Peiyong, Wang Hongyu, Man Baoyuan, Xing Guang, Wang Chuankui, WanGuangxia, Xu Haibo also attended the ceremony. Members of the academic degree evaluation committee of SDNU,leading officials of the departments and schools, the representatives of teachers and all the graduates were present. Undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies were chaired by Wang Huanbin and Wang Chuankui respectively.

Tang Bo, President of SDNU and the academic degree evaluation committee of SDNU awarded the certificate for the doctorate and the certificate of master degree for the overseas students. Wang Huanbin gave a speech to commend outstanding graduates and excellent doctoral and master degree theses. Man Baoyuan read the decision to award the Ph.D. and master's degrees, and the decision to approve the graduation of 2018 graduates and to award certificates and commend outstanding graduates. The leaders of SDNU who attended the ceremony awarded the certificate for the graduates, outstanding graduates, excellent doctorate and master's dissertations.

Tang Bo expressed his warmest and most sincere congratulations and best wishes to the graduates, and expressed his respect and sincere thanks to all the teachers, relatives and friends who had devoted a lot to the 2018 graduates. He expected the graduates to pursue their dreams in the future, to strive for success, to be a person who loves learning, to do meritorious service and to be a brave man. Tang Bo wished graduates to strengthen their ideals and beliefs in the years to come, to stand up for the times and make contributions to the great era.

Professor Li Na, the vice director of the school of chemistry & chemical engineering and materials science, and a Ph. D. tutor, on behalf of all the teachers, expressed her best wishes to the graduates. Fan Kai from faculty of education, Meng Chuan from school of business, and Zhang Lulu, a graduate student of school of Chinese language and culture,gave speeches respectively.

Zhao Runtian hoped the graduates to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, have lofty ideals,love the country,be diligent. He advised the graduates to adapt to the society as soon as possible, and expected the students to continue to study, improve their ability and to be successful.