Doctoral Qualification Assessment Seminar of the First Level Discipline of Psychology Was Held.

On June 14th, the doctoral qualification assessment seminar of the first level discipline of Psychology was held in Qianfoshan Campus. Professor Fang Fang,Director of School of psychology and cognitive sciences, Peking University,Professor Li Hong, Director of School of psychology and Social Sciences, Shenzhen University,Professor Wang Zhenhong, Director of School of psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, Professor Zhou Aibao, Director of School of psychology, Northwest Normal University and Professor Pan Fang of Qilu medical school, Shandong University were invited to participate in the seminar. Professor Zhang Wenxin, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Shandong Normal University and the leader of the first level discipline of Psychology attended the seminar. The seminar was chaired by Professor Fang Fang.

Zhang Wenxin first warmly welcomed the scholars and gave a brief introduction to the current situation of the academic degree program.

Qu Yanchun, vice director of the graduate school, explained to the scholars the significance, requirements and organization of the assessment seminar. Professor Li Shouxin, vice director of the School of psychology, reported to the scholars on the situation, basic conditions, personnel training and existing problems and improvement plans of the academic degree program in the past five years.

The scholars listened to the reports carefully,reviewed the relevant information, fully understood the basic situation of the academic degree program, and carried out a warm discussion and comment on the related issues. The scholars believed that the training goal of the program is clear, the positioning is accurate, the requirements for the training standards for doctorate and master's degree are high, which is in line with the requirements of the state doctor / Master of psychology. The main research direction has distinct characteristics and advantages; the scientific research foundation is good which provides good innovation ability and the quantity and quality of the publication is good as well. The support platform of teaching research and scientific research is in good agreement with the development of the discipline. It is suggested that the enrollment scale of graduate students, especially PhD candidates, should be further expanded, the level of international exchanges and cooperation should be further enhanced.

According to the suggestions made by the scholars, Zhang Wenxin said that the school of psychology should conscientiously sum up, digest and absorb the suggestions, and should actively create conditions to strengthen the construction of the first level discipline of Psychology. He hoped that the academic degree programs hould take the seminar as an opportunity to further strengthen the communication,to strive to make outstanding achievements in the assessment and make contributionto the "double first class" construction of SDNU.