Deng Yunfeng Came to Check the Preparation for the 2018 College Entrance Examination Scoring.

In the afternoon of June 10th, the executive deputy secretary of Provincial Committee of Education, director and party secretary of Shandong Provincial Department of Education Deng Yunfeng came to SDNU to check the preparation for the 2018 college entrance examination scoring and had a meeting.Zhang Zhiyong,Zhang Lin, Tang Bo, Yao Dongfang,Man Baoyuan,Tong Xinghua participated in the meeting.

Deng Yunfeng carefully examined the preparation of the examination scoring and listened to the reports from Shandong University and Shandong Normal University.Deng Yunfeng expressed his sincere thanks and consolation to all the staff. In his speech, Deng Yunfeng stressed that all the exam markers should improve their sense of responsibility and objectivity to guarantee all the scoring is scientific and fair.

Tang Bo said that SDNU has always attached great importance to the work of scoring.At present, all the preparations for the scoring of the exam papers have been fully completed.SDNU will make every effort to guarantee the quality and quantity to complete the work of the scoring of college entrance examination this year.Man Baoyuan reported the preparation of the scoring from the aspects of organization, selection of the exam markers, the quality of the scoring ,the security of the data,the awareness of safety and secrecy.