North America Alumni Association of SDNU Came Back.

On June 1st,Cheng Ruzhao, President of the North America Alumni Association,President of Huaxing Newspaper, Jia Yanqiang,Vice President of the North America Alumni Association,Vice President of the Vancouver chamber of Commerce in Canada,Zhang Jinsong, Vice President and Secretary General of the North America Alumni Association, Tenured professorof the California State University, Li Gang, Vice President of the North America Alumni Association, general manager of American International Education Group, and Wu Yue, the music therapist of the Minnesota Mike Phil Music Center returned to SDNU. Tang Bo, President of SDNU,Wang Huanbin,Deputy Secretary of Party committee of SDNU warmly welcomed the visiting alumni.

Tang Bo, on behalf of SDNU,warmly welcomed the visiting alumni and expressed his sincere gratitude to the alumni of North America for their concern and support for the development of SDNU.

Wang Huanbin extended a warm welcome to the visiting alumni.He hoped that the North America Alumni Association will strengthen the communication with the Alumni Association and the domestic alumni branches and add new impetus to the development of SDNU.

On behalf of the North American Alumni Association, Cheng Ruzhao introduced the work of the association and donated the magazines that he had treasured for many years to SDNU. Li Gang donated RMB 1.2million yuan to SDNU to support the independent innovation, technological development and talent training of SDNU. He hoped to help more students to realize the ideals and goals of life.