Congratulations on the Establishment of the New School of Business!

On June 2nd, the new school of business of Shandong Normal University was established in Qianfoshan Campus. President Tang Bo, vice president and director of school of business Wang Chuankui attended the ceremony.More than 300 people including the leading officials of the concerned departments,the leaders together with all the staff and students of school of business were also present. The ceremony was chaired by Wang Chuankui.

Tang Bo explained the guiding ideology, significance and process of argumentation of the establishment of the new school of business, and he made clear requirements for future work and development,and put forward hope and requirements for the leading groups and all the staff of the new school.

The leading officials and the staff expressed their congratulations on the establishment of the new school of business as well as their determination and confidence in striving for the construction of the first class.After the ceremony, the teachers and students of the school of business expressed their positive contribution to the development of the new school.