Guest from Stanford University Paid a Visit to SDNU

On May 30th, Professor Richard Neil Zare from Stanford University paid a visit to SDNU. Tang Bo , president of SDNU, received the guest.

Tang Bo warmly welcomed Professor Zare, and gave a brief introduction of SDNU from the development to the disciplines and the dominant disciplines. He expressed his gratitude to Professor Zare for his constructive suggestions and outstanding contributions to the research and development of Chinese chemistry for years. In recent years, in order to improve the overall competitiveness,SDNU has been focusing on strengthening the undergraduate teaching, expanding the enrollment of graduate students, improving the postgraduate training, and expanding international exchange and cooperation.

Zare thanked SDNU for the hospitality and highly praised the undergraduate education of SDNU. He said that he has been to many famous universities in China, and he can always find outstanding graduates of SDNU, which fully demonstrates the outstanding achievements of Shandong Normal University in teaching and education.He further said that talents play the essential part in the development of the country and society. As the implementer of education, universities should pay attention to the harmonious development, establish a healthy ecosystem and train outstanding talents in various fields.