SDNU Held a Symposium on Internationalization of Higher Education.

On May 24th, the symposium on internationalization of higher education was held in Qianfoshan Campus. Douglas Brodie, Vice President of University of Strathclyde and Lu Maozu, director of the Chinese Academy of University of Strathclyde were invited to gave reports. Zhang Wenxin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU,Yao Dongfang, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee attended the event. The symposium was chaired by Zhang Wenxin.

Douglas Brodie gave a report on the theme of internationalization and higher education.Taking a variety of preferential policies to attract talents for an example,Douglas emphasized the importance of international education to improve the scientific research capacity of a university and even the country.He stressed the importance of the idea of co-operation among universities in different countries and expressed sincere desire to strengthen cooperation with Shandong Normal University.

Lu Maozu gave a report entitled"the past and present situation of globalization". From the long-term perspective of social history, he explained that globalization is an irresistible trend of development in current world. Lu Maozu has learned from his own experience in teaching abroad that new ideas are the essence of internationalization of education. At the end of the report, Lu Maozu stressed the need to move from the passive globalization to the active globalization, and to look for different ideas and actively integrate into the internationalization.

Zhang Wenxin said that discussion and exchange is a necessary form of better decision-making. This symposium will expand the internationalhorizon of the participants and help middle-level cadres to understand the main trend of the international higher education, and form a deeper and more accurate understanding of the international higher education and accelerate the development of higher education. It will accelerate the building of a first-class international university.

The symposium will improve the awareness of the internationalization of middle-level cadres , understand the trend of internationalization of higher education, promote international ideas and increase international exchanges of SDNU.