Li Dengwang Won the Title of New Elite of "Internet Plus"

Recently, The conference of the Shandong Youth Innovation Talents association was held in Ji'nan. Yu Jie,vice governor of Shandong Province, Chen Bichang,Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party , and Yuan Liang, deputy Secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Communist Party attended the meeting. The leading officials of the Provincial Social Organization Management Bureau,leading officials of the Association, and more than 370 outstanding talents from various industries and fields participated in the conference.Li Dengwang, vice director of School of Physics and Electronic Science of SDNU,Taishan scholar,gainer of Shandong Provincial Natural Science outstanding youth fund, won the title of New Elite of "Internet plus" ,at the same time,he was selected a member of the first council of the Shandong Youth Innovative Talents Association and Shandong Youth Association of innovative talents of a new generation of Information Technology Committee.

The activity started from November 2017,it was carried out jointly by Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League,Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Department.Li Dengwang was selected to participate in the competition and finally won the prize.The Communist Youth League of SDNU will continue to increase its support and service for young teachers and League members, and will further play an important role of the Communist Youth League in organizing youth, guiding youth and serving youth, contributing to the construction of "double first class"universities.

Li Dengwang has been making efforts in the research of energy conversion in science and technology and has achieved important research results of basic application. In the early stage of scientific research and industrial transformation,he was engaged in the medical image processing and analysis system research and clinical application based on the"Internet plus"technology,he especially did the in-depth research and development of image guided individualized adaptive radiation therapy system based on the "Internet plus" technology, published more than 40 papers,applied for or authorized a number of national patents. As a scholar of Taishan youth expert,Li Dengwang has been doing a number of researches and writing, gaining Shandong Province Natural Science outstanding youth fund in 2015 as well as the returned overseas students entrepreneurship award of Shandong Province issued by Shandong Province Government in 2016 and the first prize of Natural Science Award for outstanding achievements in scientific research in Colleges and universities in Shandong Province.