23 Teaching Achievements of SDNU Won the Provincial Higher Education Achievement Award

Recently, Shandong Provincial Education Department announced the list of the awards for the eighth provincial higher education award,23 teaching achievements of SDNU were on the list, among which there were 1 special prize, 9 first prizes and 13 second prizes. The award-winning grade and number were in the forefront of colleges and universities in Shandong province.

The award of teaching achievement is selected every 4 years, which is a systematic summary and comprehensive display of deepening educational and teaching reform and promoting teaching research and practice exploration. This time the award-winning achievements of SDNU fully demonstrated that in recent years our university has been striving to strengthen the professional construction, construct high level teaching teams,create new talents training mode, promote the integration of information technology and teaching , and it further demonstrated the advantages and characteristics of the education and teaching of undergraduate and graduate students in SDNU.

SDNU will continue to increase the support for teaching , constantly improve teaching incentive mechanism, support the teachers to concentrate on teaching research, deepen teaching reform, and constantly promote the quality of education and teaching, and continuously improve the quality of personnel training.