1 An upsurge of studying the report of the 19th CPC National Congress

By the end of December 2017,SDNU had carried out 59 reports of the 19th CPC National Congress,the number of the direct audience added up to 4,2000 persons, achieving full coverage of propaganda activities.SDNU organized and carried out a series of theme educational activities,the whole university studied and carried out the the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of Xi Jinping and the reports of the 19th CPC National Congress .

2 The Eighth Party Congress of SDNU was Successfully Held

From 17 to 18 July 2017, the eighth Representative Congress of the Communist Party of SDNU was successfully held .The conference conscientiously summed up the experience and main achievements of SDNU,had a comprehensive and objective analysis of the main problems facing the development underthe current situation,confirmed the guidance,objectives and main tasks of the future work. The eighth Committee and the Discipline Inspection Committee of the Shandong Normal University were elected during the conference.

3 SDNU has won the title of the first national civilization Campus

In November 17th,Central Guidance Commission for Building Spiritual Civilization of the Communist Party of China issued the decision to commend the fifth national civilized cities, civilized villages, civilized units and the first national civilized campus.SDNU was awarded the first national civilized campus.

4 Thirteen disciplines entered B level

On December 28,Degree and Graduate Education Development Center of the Ministry of Education released the result of the fourth round of the national discipline assessment. A total of 17 disciplines entered C level,13 of which entered B level, ranking the first place in Shandong provincial universities.

5 SDNU ranks the thirty-first place inthe latest natural index

In August, the natural index (Nature Index) was updated by the British natural publishing group, covering data from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017.As tothe natural index list,SDNU ranks thethirty-fourth in Chinese colleges and universities,the thirty-first inthe universities of mainland China,the fourth in domestic normal universities and the second in the universities in Shandong province.

6 The review and evaluation of the undergraduate teaching was conducted

From 23 to 27 October, the review and evaluation experts of the Ministry of education conducted a comprehensive assessment of the undergraduate teaching in SDNU.

7 Secretary of the Party Committee and President taught the first ideological and political class

On August 28th,the first day of the newsemester,Shang Zhixiao ,Secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU , Tang Bo, President of SDNU walked into the classroomand taught the first ideological and political class, which played an important role in promoting and improving the ideological and political work . The event was reported as the headline of China Education and China Youth Daily , the media of Xinhua, Guangming, China Education and Public Network reported the event as well.

8 Four major (key)projectwere approved by national fund

By December,a research team led by professor Liu Zengren from School of Chinese Language and Literature declared that their project had been approved bythe National Social Science Fund; professor Zhang Wenxin’s team from School of Psychology declared that their project had been approved by the Ministry of Educationas a major project in the study of philosophy and social sciences; two teams declared that their projects had received funding from the National Natural Science Foundationas key projects, the teams were led by Professor Zhang Chunyang from School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and professor Zhou Jun from School of life science respectively .

9 SDNU won the first prize of the "Challenge Cup"

In November,instructed by Professor Wang Chengxin,associate professor Xing Hanfa of School of Geography and Environment, Xu He, Wang Wenyu and other 8 students’works "Research on Traffic Congestion Evaluation and Renovation in Large Cities Based on Multi source and Large Data: a Case Study in Jinan " won the first prize of the fifteenth "Challenge Cup" of College Students' extracurricular academic science and technology competition.

10 Mao Jingdian won the title of the twelfth annual Chinese college student

In May, the results of the twelfth annual Chinese college student were announced, Mao Jingdian , who majored business administration from School of Business received the award.