On Jan 16 2018, the high-level talent assessment meeting of 2017 was held in Qianfoshan Campus. Shang Zhixiao, Tang Bo, Wang Huanbin, Zhang Wenxin, Yao Dongfang, Duan Peiyong, Man Baoyuan, Xing Guang, Wang Chuankui, Wan Guangxia, Xu Haibo attended the meeting, the chairman and vice chairmen of the academic committee of SDNU, heads of the relevant departments, the high-level talents and the leading officials of some schools were also present.

In his speech, President Tang Bo said that holding a high-level talent assessment meeting can not only understand the high-level talents' performance and the progress of their work, but also is an exchange process to share scientific research achievements and work experience. Under the current situation of actively promoting the "double- first class" construction, high-level talents are playing an important role in the development of SDNU. We hope that all sectors will attach great importance to the construction of talent teams and actively create a good development platform and environment for talents. We hope that high-level talents can fully understand the important responsibility and historic mission , adhere to the first-class consciousness and contribution, active exploration, bold innovation, and make contributions to the development of SDNU.

In the meeting, 34 high-level talents reviewed and reported their respective work,gave a detailed description in their teaching and scientific research, discipline construction, talents training, research team building, academic exchange and social services and other aspects of the achievements ,they introduced the completion of the goal of the work, the use of funds and the future work plan as well.The assessment results showed that all the 34 high-level talents have accomplished their work and got good evaluations.