The Visits of the Delegation Led by Shang Zhixiao Have Yielded Substantial Results.

Recently, invited by University of  PECS ofHungary ,Royal Institute of Technology of Sweden, University of Turku of Finland, Shang Zhixiao ,Secretary of the Party Committee of SDNU, led a delegation to pay a friendly visit to the three universities. Shang Zhixiao communicated and exchanged views with the three universities as to establishing intercollegiate friendly relations and carrying out intercollegiate cooperation and communication ,and signed agreements on intercollegiate exchange and cooperation with the relevant universities. Vice President Wang Chuankui, heads of the School of Fine Arts, the school of Geography and Environment, Office of the Party committee and the office of the international exchange and cooperation, accompanied the visit.

The delegation first visited University of PECS, which is the first university in Hungary,it ranks the fifth oldest university in Europe. Prof. GyulaBerke, the vice president of the University, warmly received the delegation. The two sides introduced the development of their respective universities.Prof. GyulaBerke expressed great interest in the excellent humanities and geographical environment of SDNU as well as high quality of talents training. The two sides discussed the establishment of Intercollegiate friendly relations, joint training programs such as art design and other professional postgraduates, cooperative research of teachers, and co-hosting international academic conferences. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, Shang Zhixiao and GyulaBerke signed an agreement on intercollegiate exchange and cooperation.

Royal Institute of Technology is the largest and oldest public Polytechnic in Sweden, it is also a high education institution with high international level. At Royal Institute of Technology, Dr. Wang Xun, a Chinese consultant, and other relevant people received the delegation. He briefed the delegation about the introduction of Stockholm and the Institute. The two sides had friendly talks and reached a number of intentions about the exchanges of professional teachers in science and engineering, the invitation of experts and cooperation in scientific research. Shang Zhixiao also visited the students of SDNU who were studying there.

University of Turku is the second largest university in Finland, and has established a long-term academic cooperative relationship with the school of Psychology of SDNU for many years. The president of the University, Prof.KalervoVaananen, Vice President Ritta Pyykko, warmly welcomed the delegation and introduced the history and development of the university to the delegation. Heads of the school of Social Sciences, the East Asian Research Center, and the school of Mathematics and Natural Sciences were present at the meeting. After introducing the development of SDNU, Shang Zhixiao expressed the hope that the two sides should further expand the cooperation and actively carry out communication and cooperation in Humanities and Social Sciences based on the cooperation and communication in the field of psychology. Shang Zhixiao and KalervoVaananen signed an agreement on intercollegiate exchange and cooperation, thus University of Turku became the 119th overseas friendly school of SDNU.

During the visit, the delegation visited educational counsellors of Chinese embassies in Sweden and Finland respectively, introduced the development and the achievement of SDNU, fully exchanged views on SDNU's contacts with embassies and cooperation with European universities, hoping that they can provide guidance and support for cooperation and development between SDNU and European universities.

The visit of the delegation was the first visit to colleges and universities in central and Northern Europe, which played a great role in expanding SDNU's influence in the region, learning from their international education experience, carrying out cooperation of students training, publicity of education for overseas students, and promoting academic exchanges between teachers, it also played a positive role in promoting communication, seeking cooperation and enhancing friendship, in particular, establishing intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation with universities in Northern Europe, further improving the layout of SDNU's internationalization, and opening up new space for accelerating the internationalization of SDNU.