The Visit of the President of UNIVERSIDADE DO ESTADO DO PARÁ, Brazil

On December 15th2017,Tang Bo, president of SDNU, met Rubens Cardoso da Silva,president of UEPA of Brazil inShandong Normal University. Staff from School of International Education,School of Foreign Languages,School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science,School of Physical Education,Changqinghu Campus Office,Personnel Department,Library as well as Office of International Exchange and Cooperation were present.

Both sides had a deep discussion about further enhancing the construction of theConfucius Instituteof UNIVERSIDADE DO ESTADO DO PARÁ,Brazil as well as promotingexchange and cooperationbetween two universities.

Tang Bo , president of SDNU, gave warm welcome to the president as well as the delegation of Brazil who came to SDNU for the first time. He expressed his greatcongratulations on professor PangHui, Chinese director of Confucius Institute,who won the title of “advanced individualofConfucius Institute” in the 12thConfucius InstituteConference , expressed his hope that two universities could enlarge the cooperation on the basis of keeping good relationship. Mr. Rubens Cardoso da Silva expressed his gratitude to SDNU’s hospitality. He said that they would continue to support the construction of theConfucius Instituteand he also believed that Confucius Institute would get a prosperous development under the great support of state, provincial government as well as two universities. Later, Antonio sival, Brazil director ofConfucius Instituteand Pang Hui, the Chinese director gave their speeches about the hope for the construction ofConfucius Institute.

During his visit,Antonio sival came to Changqinghu Campus and planted a special tree, a symbol of friendship. In addition,he visited the achievements exhibition as well as the library of SDNU.