The School of Fine Arts Held a Special Job Fair for Graduates.
May 11, 2023

In order to solidly carry out the high-quality employment and entrepreneurship work of the 2023 graduates and build a good communication platform for enterprises and graduates, on May 8th, The design special job fair of the School of Fine Arts was held at the Art Museum of Qianfoshan Campus.

In the early stage, the School of Fine Arts sent invitations to high-quality enterprises, attracting more than 20 employers to participate. A total of over 100 design related employment positions were announced, covering key cities in the province. At the job fair, Hu Xiaoming, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Fine Arts, had a detailed communication with the employers participating in the fair, understanding the recruitment needs and intentions, inquiring about salary and benefits, employment security, and other information.

Translated and edited by Jia Bingbo