SDNU Held an Emergency Evacuation Drill.
May 5, 2023

In order to further enhance the national defense concept and awareness of air defense and disaster prevention among students, SDNU recently conducted an emergency evacuation drill for college students' air defense and disaster prevention in Changqinghu campus. Through scenario simulation, students can experience and master the common knowledge of evacuation, self rescue and escape in emergency situations.

At the drill site, under the leadership of the commander in chief, the student instructor company formed an emergency evacuation team, organizing trapped students to safely and orderly evacuate to a safe area along the established route. The medical team quickly carried out professional rescue for the "injured" and explained the knowledge of emergency dressing and the functions and usage methods of various medical items to the students. The teachers and students who participated in the drill observed and learned cardiopulmonary resuscitation and demonstrated the wearing of protective masks on site, further enhancing their knowledge and skills in safety protection.

Translated and edited by Jia Bingbo