The Faculty Retirement Ceremony Was Held.
September 15, 2023

On September 14th, the 2023 faculty retirement ceremony of SDNU was held in Qianfoshan campus. Feng Jikang, Zhang Jian, Wan Guangxia and Zhou Shanshan attended the ceremony. The retirement ceremony was presided over by Zhou Shanshan.

Feng Jikang awarded retirement certificates to every retired faculty and shook hands with everyone, acknowledging their years of hard work in teaching, scientific research, management and service positions in SDNU. He thanked them for their continuous contributions to the development of SDNU’s cause over the past few decades, and extended warm greetings and best wishes to them. Young teacher representatives presented flowers and paid tribute to every retired faculty member, sincerely wishing them good health and all the best.

Zhang Jian pointed out in his speech that the high-quality development of SDNU is inseparable from the dedication and perseverance of generations of the teachers. SDNU will always be grateful and always remember every teacher who worked here. He hoped the teachers will continue to care for, pay attention to, and support the development of SDNU, and be a guide for the growth of young teachers and students.

Wan Guangxia announced the list of retired faculty members for the 2022-2023 academic year. Professor Li Yeping, Hu Xiaoming and Han Lei delivered speeches. (Photographer: Jia Bingbo)