A Canadian Education Bureau Visited SDNU
April 12, 2018

Recently,a delegation led by Paul St-Onge, director of La Commission Scolaire Maguerite-Bourgeoys of Canada, visited the basic education group of SDNU and visited 5 directly affiliated schools of Qingdao regional group.The visitors aimed to get a deep understanding of the group's school culture and the student training model, on the other hand, to better promote the establishment of the Canadian overseas education center this year.

In 2014, the basic education group had a friendly relationship with La Commission Scolaire Maguerite-Bourgeoys. The two sides have made many beneficial attempts on the project of foreign students, the training of teachers and the integration of the curriculum. After the establishment of the Canadian overseas education center, it will provide new energy for the international education work of the group in the aspects of student exchange, educational exchange, teacher training, and curriculum integration.