[ACADEMICS] School of Geography and Environment Held the First Academic Report for the 70th Anniversary of SDNU.

On April 18th, Professor Tang Guo’an, professor of the school of geography science of Nanjing Normal University, made an online academic report entitled "research and application of GIS digital terrain analysis" through Tencent conference platform. The report was chaired by Wang Chengxin,director of the School of Geography and Environment ,300 teachers and students listened to the report.

At the beginning of the report, Tang Guo'an expressed his congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of Shandong Normal University and the School of Geography and Environment. Tang Guo'an briefly introduced the definition, development, branches and application of geography. He hoped that college students could realize the transformation from knowledge geography to scientific geography as soon as possible. He pointed out that digital terrain analysis is the core content of GIS spatial analysis, reviewed various methods of conventional terrain analysis, and proposed that in the development of modern geographic information technology, digital elevation model becomes the carrier of the new generation of terrain description. On this basis, through its classic application cases in paleotopography research, geological disasters, meteorology and hydrology, urban construction and disaster prevention and control, it shows the important role and development trend of GIS technology in geographical research.