[ACADEMICS] SDNU Hosted the Webinar of Writer Zhang Wei's New Work "My Wild Feast".

On April 18th, the webinar of My Wild Feast, a long novel by famous writer Zhang Wei, was held on Tencent conference platform. The webinar was hosted by the School of Chinese Language and Literature of SDNU and the People's Literature Press , and organized by the research center of literature and creative writing of SDNU. More than 20 well-known writers and young critics from China Writers Association, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Communication University Of China,Shanghai University, Shandong Writers Association, Shandong University and other universities and research institutions attended the webinar.

The webinar was chaired by Gu Guangmei,at the opening ceremony,Sun Shuwen, Director of the School of Chinese Language and Literature and vice chairman of Shandong Writers Association, Hu Yuping, editor in charge of My Wild Feast, and Li Yeping, Professor of the school of Journalism and Communication delivered speeches respectively. Sun Shuwen introduced the long history, development and future prospects of the School of Chinese Language and Literature of Shandong Normal University, and expounded Zhang Wei's characteristics in three aspects of thought, language, technology exploration and the unique value of his ecological concept in the context of the prevention and control of the epidemic. Hu Yuping shared the interesting stories in the publish of the book, and pointed out the significance of the work to the contemporary literature circle. From the perspective of literary history, Li Yeping interpreted the consistent foresight of Zhang Wei's representative works in various periods, which aroused the resonance of the experts present at the meeting. The participants discussed the ideological connotation, narrative structure and language features of the works.