[EVENTS] A Meeting on the Publicity of the 70th Anniversary of SDNU Was Held.

On April 17th,SDNU held a consultation meeting on the publicity of the 70th anniversary of SDNU in Qianfoshan campus to discuss the construction of the exhibition hall of the 70th anniversary of the achievement, the design and production of picture album and image film,etc. The meeting was chaired by Vice President Wan Guangxia. Chen Dezhan, Hang Mingshui, Wei Jian, Tian Hailin,Liu Dongfeng, Yin Yaoru,Li Tong and directors of the Publicity Department of the Party Committee of SDNU,the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, the Office of External Cooperation and Development (Alumni Office),SDNU Newspaper ,Library,Archives (History Museum) of Shandong normal University and other relevant departments attended the meeting.

Wan Guangxia thanked the experts and alumni for participating in the meeting and briefly introduced the preparations for the 70th anniversary of SDNU. Wan Guangxia said that SDNU plans to organize an exhibition of achievements, produce picture album and image film, and hopes that experts and alumni attending the meeting will actively make suggestions, and the celebration publicity group should seriously absorb good suggestions and promote the work as soon as possible. Yao Chang,director of the Publicity Department of the Party Committee, introduced the the work related to the exhibition of achievements, picture album and image film.The experts and alumni at the meeting put forward their own views on the content and form, and launched a heated discussion.