Institute of Qilu Culture, Shandong Province Participated in the Academic Planning of Qilu Culture Competition.

Recently, the large-scale cultural variety show "Qilu Culture Competition" launched by Shandong TV is continuously popular. As an academic support unit, Institute of Qilu Culture of SDNU participates in academic planning. Professor Lv Wenming, deputy director of Institute of Qilu Culture, serves as academic guidance.

Institute of Qilu Culture not only wrote a question bank of 350,000 words for program editing in a short time, but also organized experts to actively participate in program topic setting and examination. LV Wenming participated in the program recording activities and provided academic support for the program.

The Qilu Culture Competition comprehensively explains the rich spiritual connotation and contemporary value of Qilu culture by selecting events, characters and classics of great significance in the history of Chinese civilization and the development of Qilu culture, and by means of videos, performances and title answers, so as to make Qilu culture truly live, which has been highly praised by the audience. Shandong XinWen LianBo reported the recording and broadcasting of the program, and interviewed experts and scholars of SDNU.

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Translated by Zheng Tong

Reviewed by Ji Zerui

Edited by Jia Bingbo