The Grassroots Committee of CAPD of SDNU Organized the Health Science Popularization and Free Medical Consultation.

Recently, the grassroots committee of CAPD of SDNU, together with the expert team of Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, went to the School of Psychology of SDNU to carry out "Women's Health Popularization and Free Medical Consultation" for teachers and students. Nearly 100 people participated in the activities, which was presided over by Zhang Jinghuan, director of School of Psychology.

Chen Ruxin, deputy chief physician of Jinan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and his party were invited to carry out the popularization and consultation.

This activity is one of a series of activities of the united front of SDNU to learn party history and regulations, and is also an important part of the practical activity of Party committee of School of Psychology.

Translated by Zheng Tong

Reviewed by Ji Zerui

Edited by Jia Bingbo