On May 22nd, SDNU held the cadre training in Yuanshan Education Base. A total of 46 members participated in the training. Relevant responsible comrades of the Labor Union and cadre education and training college attended the training meeting.

Tao Wuduan, chairman of the labor union of SDNU, made a speech on training mobilization.

At the training meeting, the "SDNU Labor Union Smart System" jointly developed by the Labor Union of SDNU and the Information Technology Office was officially put into service.

After a day of intense training, all the trainees generally felt full of harvest. Everyone said that the training was close to the actual work of the Trade Union, and the content was rich in information. The participating cadres will put what they have learned into practice and make new and greater contributions to promoting the core competitiveness and promoting the high-quality connotative development of SDNU.

Translated by Zheng Tong

Reviewed by Ji Zerui

Edited by Jia Bingbo