Relevant Personnel of Bank of China Shandong Branch Came to SDNU for Investigation.

On December 24th, Jing Zailun, deputy director of Bank of China Shandong Branch and his party came to Qianfoshan Campus for investigation and exchange. Xing Guang, vice president of SDNU and relevant staff from Finance Office attended this meeting.

Xing Gunag, on behalf of SDNU, welcomed Jing Zailun and his party and expressed his gratitude to the Bank of China for its concern and support for the development of SDNU.

Jing Zailun introduced the historical evolution and service concept of Bank of China, and appreciated the achievements of SDNU.

At the meeting, the two sides had in-depth exchanges on areas of cooperation.

Translated by Zheng Tong

Reviewed by Zhang Guowen

Edited by Jia Bingbo