The Young Scientist Salon of Shandong Province Was Held in SDNU

On September 18th, the Young Scientist Salon of Shandong Province was held in the conference room of the School of Geography and Environment of SDNU. It is also one of the activities to celebrate the 70th anniversary of SDNU. Nearly 300 teachers and graduate students from national colleges and universities participated in the online and offline activity.

Wang Chuankui, the vice president of SDNU, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. In the speech, he pointed out the significant meaning of this salon—it brought young scientists together to discuss the frontier academic issues in the field of environmental science and engineering and would make contributions to ecological construction in the new era.

Moreover, it would be conducive to the implementation of the ecological civilization development conviction that “Lucid water and lush mountains are invaluable assets.” and further promotes environmental science and technology innovation in our province and even the whole country.

Many experts attending the salon were invited to give academic presentations and exchange views on issues of this field.

Translated by Zhang Guowen

Reviewed by Zheng Tong

Edited by Jia Bingbo