SDNU Held the 1000th Session of the Forum of Social Sciences.

On July 30th, the 1000th forum of the Social Sciences, "Global Economic Trends after the epidemic and China Economic Development Forum" was held in Qianfoshan campus. Vice president Wan Guangxia attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. More than 180 experts, scholars and graduate students from universities and scientific research institutes across the country participated in the forum both online and offline.

In his speech, Wan Guangxia welcomed the speakers and the audience, thanked the co-organizers, and briefly introduced the development of SDNU. Wan Guangxia said that in the context of repeated epidemics, it is of great significance to hold this seminar, and he hoped that experts and scholars attending the seminar will conduct in-depth discussions and put forward valuable plans and suggestions for the early recovery and vigorous development of China's economy.