A Japanese Consortium seeks for cooperation with SDNU

On Jan 152018, Professor Wang Zhixin, director of the consortiumof international exchange of education and culture,came to SDNU for a visit and cooperation. Man Baoyuan, Vice President of SDNU,received the Japanese guests in Qianfoshan campus. The two sides exchanged views on undergraduate overseas practice projects and signed an agreement on co-establishing overseas practice teaching base .

ManBaoyuan warmly welcomed the delegation and expressed heartfelt thanks to the support and help provided by the consortium for the Japanese discipline development and students'overseas teaching practice. He said that developing overseas (Japan)teaching practice programs is helpful to broaden students' international horizons ,deepen their understanding of Japanese enterprises and culture, help to improve theirteaching practice, thus improve the internationalization of SDNU.

Wang Zhixinwas grateful for SDNU’s hospitality. He introduced the consortium's business philosophy, business mode and development,and he hoped to take overseas practice projects as a breakthrough to enhance the communication and cooperation with Shandong Normal University.

Bi Hualin,director of office of academic affairs,and Wang Zhixin signed the agreement on co-establishing overseas practice teaching base .Leading officials of school of foreign languages,office of international exchange and cooperation ,office of academic affairs and some teachers were also present.