Shandong Jianzhu University Came to SDNU for Research and Exchange.

On September 16th, Chen Guoqian, secretary of the Party Committee of Shandong Jianzhu University, and Yu Dehu, president of Shandong Jianzhu University, led a team to SDNU for research and exchange, and Li Jianjun, member of the party committee and director of the Organization Department, and other responsible comrades of functional departments participated in the investigation. President Zeng Qingliang presided over the symposium and made a speech, and Vice President Xu Shuangqing attended the event.

At the forum, Zeng Qingliang extended a warm welcome to Chen Guoqian and Yu Dehu and the delegation.

Chen Guoqian and Yu Dehu expressed their gratitude for the warm reception of SDNU.

The responsible comrades of the relevant departments of SDNU introduced the experience and practices of the organization and personnel system, professional title evaluation, assessment system, teaching and scientific research, discipline construction, etc., and the two sides also conducted in-depth exchanges around issues of common concern.

Translated by Li Xinyao

Reviewed by Li Xinyao

Edited by Jia Bingbo