SDNU Held the 14th Student Congress and the 10th Graduate Student Congress.

On November 14th, the 14th student congress and the 10th graduate student congress was held in Changqinghu Campus. Responsible personnel of relevant departments attended the opening ceremony. Zhang Wenxin, the Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of SDNU and student representatives attended the conference.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Wenxin encouraged the students to study hard and become worthy of the national rejuvenation of the era. The Student Union and Graduate Student Union should be strict with themselves and be the student organization that students can trust.

During the conference, Nie Liyan and Guo Fan made work reports respectively on behalf of the Student Union, and relevant members of the Student Union were elected. Zhao Wei and Wang Qingrong put forward requirements for the new student Union and graduate student Union.

This conference is of great significance and far-reaching influence to enhance students' awareness of participation. Student representatives expressed their commitment to take responsibility and contribute to the rejuvenation of the Chinese dream.

Translated by Ji Zerui

Reviewed by Zhang Guowen

Edited by Jia Bingbo