Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Shandong Talent Development Group to Investigate High-level Talent Work

In the afternoon of September 17th, Wang Weizhong, Zhang Zhuxiu, Chu Guoliang, Xing Jun and others came to SDNU to investigate the work of high-level talents, and had a discussion and exchange with some high-level talents. Zeng Qingliang and Xu Shuangqing attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Xu Shuangqing.

In his speech, Zeng Qingliang thanked the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and Shandong Talent Development Group, and introduced the development of SDNU. Wang weizhong spoke highly of SDNU and said that the communication and cooperation with SDNU would be further strengthened in the future. Li Na, Lv Wenming, Zheng Yuanjie, Li Haitao, Li Tianliang and Xie Zhen spoke respectively. The symposium signed the "branch construction agreement".

Translated by Jiao Yuan

Reviewed by Niu Muyuan

Edited by Jia Bingbo