SDNU Held the 2021 Retirement Ceremony for Faculty Members.

On the morning of September 8th, the retirement ceremony of SDNU was held in Qianfoshan Campus. President Zeng Qingliang, deputy Party secretary Zhang Wenxin and vice president Xing Guang attended the ceremony. Representatives of retired teachers and workers, responsible comrades of relevant units and representatives of teachers and students attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Xing Guang.

At the ceremony, Zeng Qingliang presented each retired faculty member with emeritus certificate, shook hands with everyone, extended greetings to the teachers, expressed high respect and sent good wishes. The young student representatives presented flowers and bowed to each honorary teacher, and sincerely wished the teachers good health and good luck.

Zeng Qingliang pointed out in his speech that every achievement made by SDNU embodies the painstaking efforts and wisdom of generations of SDNU. He said that SDNU would continue to carry forward the fine tradition of respecting teachers and valuing education, serve the teaching staff with heart and create better conditions.

Professor Yang Shousen from School of Chinese Language and Literature, Liu Changlun from School of Business, and Wang Huanpeng, secretary of the Party committee from School of Physical Education, spoke as representatives.

This year is the third time that SDNU has held the retirement ceremony for teaching staff. By holding the ceremony, the cultural concept of respecting teachers and the fine tradition of valuing education will be further inherited and carried forward in SDNU.

Translated by Zheng Tong

Reviewed by Ji Zerui

Edited by Jia Bingbo