"Sino-Kenyan Friendship Envoy" Training Program Officially Launched.

On the afternoon of June 25th, the launching ceremony of the training program of "Sino-Kenyan Friendship Envoy" of the Ministry of Education was held in Qianfoshan Campus through online video conference. Zhang Wenxin and president of Kenyatta University,Kenya, attended the ceremony.

The ceremony officially began in the solemn national anthems of China and Kenya. Zhang Wenxin recalled the 17 years of friendly cooperation between the two universities and hoped that the two sides would further deepen cooperation and friendship through the development of the project.

President of Kenyatta University expressed thanks to the experts who participated in the project. In order to attract more talents and high-quality projects, Kenyatta University has increased its investment in infrastructure, hoping all students will make full use of this opportunity to study hard and strive to become friendly envoys of Sino-Kenyan exchanges.

At the ceremony, Ma Maoxiang, the host of the project, introduced the basic information of the project and welcomed Kenyan students to SDNU for further study.

It is reported that the "Sino-Kenyan Friendship Envoy" training program is one of 17 friendship ENVOY training programs approved by the Ministry of Education.