The 13th National Symposium on Chinese Lexicology Was Held in SDNU.

From April 24th to 25th, the 13th National Symposium on Chinese Lexicology was held in SDNU. Vice President Wang Chuankui attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Experts and scholars attended the symposium. The opening ceremony was presided over by Sun Shuwen, director of the School of Chinese Language and Literature of SDNU.

Wang Chuankui introduced the history and achievements of SDNU in his speech. Yu Guilin, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Commercial Press, and Professor Zhou Jian, representative of the core group of the symposium, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

Thirteen experts gave reports on the symposium.

More than one hundred scholars gave reports on the differences of words and had heated discussions.

The closing ceremony was presided over by Professor Chen Changshu. Su Xinchun and Dong Xiufang delivered speeches respectively.

Through this symposium, SDNU strengthened the academic exchanges of language subjects, especially lexicology, with other universities, which provided the impetus for the further development of Chinese language and literature.

Translated by Ji Zerui

Reviewed by Zhang Guowen

Edited by Jia Bingbo