On the morning of April 23rd, with the approaching of the 26th World Book and Copyright Day, SDNU celebrated the 10th Reading Festival with the theme of "Preserving and Carrying Forward Chinese Classics and Praising CPC Centenary" at the North Square of library in Changqinghu Campus. Man Baoyuan, Vice President of SDNU, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Relevant comrades from Publicity Department of the Party Committee of SDNU, Graduate Affairs Office, Students’ Affairs Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Social Science Division, Labor Union of SDNU, Youth League Committee of SDNU and Jinan Museum, some teachers and students from SDNU and Primary School attached to SDNU, about 300 people in total, attended the ceremony. The opening ceremony was a live webcast for internal and external readers of SDNU. The ceremony was chaired by Du Baoguo, the director of the library.

Man Baoyuan warmly congratulated the opening of the 10th Reading Festival.

Du Baoguo presented an overview of the festival and the library's innovative services. These include coordinating the use of Shandong University Library resources to provide free lending services for students and faculty, exploring the implementation of the library opening service system on statutory holidays, and continuing to increase the opening service hours, etc.

At the opening ceremony, SDNU Civilized Readers and Excellent Library Volunteers in 2020 were commended.

The 10th Reading Festival offers more than 20 activities including Collection Exhibition and Speech Contest.

Translated by Mu Kecheng

Reviewed by Wei Shenmo

Edited by Jia Bingbo