SDNU Held a Seminar on the Launch and Construction of the Think Tank Center.

On the morning of April 15th, SDNU held a seminar on the launch and construction of the think tank center in Qianfoshan Campus. The seminar was presided over by the Vice President Wan Guangxia. Relevant personnel attended the meeting. The meeting was also broadcast live online.

In his speech, Wan Guangxia stressed that think tank was an important force influencing government decision-making and promoting social development. SDNU were expected to take the establishment of the school think tank center as an opportunity to clear target positioning, highlight the characteristic advantages, consolidate the research force and build a national think tank brand.

Gao Jinghai, the Director of the Social Science Division, gave a detailed account of the background and significance of the establishment of think tank centers in SDNU, as well as the goals and initiatives of think tank construction. He hoped that all units actively launched, well-organized, the vast number of teachers actively participate in active action.

At the seminar held later, Wang Wei, Chen Dezheng, and Zhou Zhonggao gave special presentations, which provided ideas and suggestions for the construction of think tanks and high-quality development of SDNU.

The think tank center will vigorously promote the overall coordinated development and make new and greater contributions to SDNU.

Translated by Wei Shenmo

Reviewed by Mu Kecheng

Edited by Jia Bingbo