SDNU Held the Meeting on Discussing the Construction Plan of High-Level University of Shandong.

On April 1st, SDNU held a meeting on discussing the construction plan of high-level university of Shandong. Experts from Renmin University of China,Shandong University, East China Normal University, Capital Normal University and Qilu University of Technology were invited. Experts from Shandong "Double-High" construction steering group were invited to the meeting for guidance. Tang Zhouyan, Zeng Qingliang, Zhang Wenxin, Man Baoyuan, Xing Guang, Wang Chuankui and Wan Guangxia attended the meeting.

At the meeting, on behalf of SDNU, Tang Zhouyan first expressed his gratitude to all experts and the Department of education for their long-term support and help in the "Double First-Class" construction of SDNU.

Bai Hao, deputy director of the Education Department of Shandong Province, introduced the background and significance of the "Double-High" construction in Shandong Province, and explained the demonstration requirements of the construction scheme.

Zeng Qingliang reported to the expert group the construction plan of high-level university of SDNU.

After hearing the report, the expert group unanimously adopted the construction plan formulated by Shandong Normal University.

In recent years, SDNU has always adhered to the new spirit and requirements of higher education in the new era, creating a new situation for development. SDNU will be committed to constructing high-level university to achieve high-quality connotation development.

Translated by Zheng Tong

Reviewed by Ji Zerui

Edited by Jia Bingbo