The Launch Ceremony of the Police-Protection Joint Control of Changqing District of Jinan Public Security Bureau was Held

On the morning of March 26th, the launch ceremony of the joint police-protection control work of the Changqing District Branch of Jinan Public Security Bureau was held in Changqinghu Campus. President Zeng Qingliang met with the delegates and had a discussion.

Before the launch ceremony, Zeng Qingliang and Liang Kaijun had an in-depth discussion on deepening the cooperation mechanism of creating a safe campus.

Xing Guang made a speech at the launching ceremony, expressing warm congratulations on the launching ceremony of the joint police and security control work, and heartfelt thanks to everyone for their long-term support and help to SDNU.

After the launching ceremony, the participants saw the training of emergency response and fire emergency response of the emergency support team.

Translated by Niu Muyuan

Reviewed by Jiao Yuan

Edited by Jia Bingbo