Recently, Cheng Dezhi came to SDNU for investigation which aimed to further strengthen school-local cooperation and exchanges. Tang Zhouyan accompanied the visitors and hosted the conference. Zhao Juan, Li Guoqiang, Wang Pinmu, Lv Jiantao and Yang Yongbin also participated in the activity.

Tang Zhouyan expressed his gratitude to the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and Government for their long-term care and support to SDNU. He said that SDNU had entered a very critical period of development. SDNU urgently needed strong support and help from the local government. At the same time, SDNU would actively leverage its resource advantages to make new and more contributions to the economic and social development of Jinan.

Cheng Dezhi stated that SDNU provided important intellectual support for education, technology, cultural development and urban civilization construction of Jinan. In the next step, Jinan Municipal Government would adhere to the problem-oriented approach and solve specific problems in the development of SDNU.

Translated by Guo Liying

Reviewed by He Peilin

Edited by Jia Bingbo