Public Network and Sina Set up Two Thematic Websites about the 70th Anniversary of SDNU.

Public network and Sina have respectively launched thematic websites to celebrate the 70thanniversary of SDNU.

Public network set up many columns on thematic websites such as "Celebration Dynamic", "Excellent Alumni" and so on.

The thematic website of Sina has opened columns such as "Important News of the University Anniversary", "Colorful Normal University" and "Hot Discussion on Weibo".

The two thematic websites will help the faculty, students, alumni and people from all walks of life to pay attention to the anniversary and put forward valuable suggestions.

Before that, Windows website of Chinese University has made the link to the thematic website of the 70th anniversary of SDNU. The opening of the thematic off-campus website has realized the integration of the campus and social network media, further enhanced the reputation of the school and created a strong atmosphere of sharing the grand ceremony.

The addresses of the two thematic websites are as follows:

Public network’s thematic website about the 70th anniversary of SDNU

Sina’s thematic website on the 70th anniversary of SDNU

Translated by Zhang Guowen

Reviewed by Zheng Tong

Edited by Jia Bingbo