The Appointment Ceremony of Dongyue Scholars in 2020 Was Held.

On of September 17th,SDNU held the 2020 Dongyue scholars appointment ceremony in Qianfoshan Campus. Tang Zhouyan attended the ceremony and delivered a speech,Zeng Qingliang, Zhang Wenxin and Yao Dongfang attended the ceremony.The ceremony was presided over by Wang Hongyu.

Zhang Wenxin read the announcement on announcing the candidates for the Dongyue Scholars Program in 2020.Zeng Qingliang signed the appointment agreement with leading talents, top-notch talents and young talent representatives of Dongyue scholars. Leaders attending the ceremony issued letters of appointment to 34 newly selected Dongyue scholars.

On behalf of SDNU, Tang Zhouyan congratulated the experts and scholars employed as Dongyue scholars.Yao Dongfang hoped that the employed Dongyue scholars will make new and greater contributions to the construction ofSDNU.

Professor Yan Shengdong, Professor Wang Zhuo and Associate Professor Zhao Lina delivered speeches respectively.