On September 15th, the opening ceremony of the freshmen of the Grade of 2020 was held in Qianfoshan Campus and Changqinghu Campus successively. Tang Zhouyan, Zeng Qingliang, Zhang Wenxin, Yao Dongfang, Wang Hongyu,Xing Guang, Wang Chuankui, and Wan Guangxia attended the ceremony.The ceremony was presided over by Wang Hongyu.

Tang Zhouyan wore the badge of Shandong normal University for the freshman representatives. All the new students of the Grade of 2020 stood up and solemnly wore the school badge on their chests.

Under the title of Cherish Life and Live up to Youth, Zeng Qingliang talked freely with the new students of the Grade of 2020 about the meaning of life and put forward hopes. Zeng Qingliang pointed out that 2020 is a year in which we have undergone the COVID-19 's epidemic,a lot of people are willing to help the sick people,demonstrating the value of life. Zeng Qingliang put forward three hopes for the students. Firstly,grasp the precious youth and enrich the connotation of life. Secondly,contribute more and enhance the value of life. Thirdly, undergo training and sharpening, and bloom the brilliance of life. Zeng Qingliang stressed that after more than a month,SDNU will celebrate its 70th birthday.It is hoped that the freshmen of the Grade of 2020 will work together to create a better and splendid future for SDNU.

Wang Zengfu, teacher representative and director of the School of Marxism,Wang Ziyue, Qiu Shuai,the doctoral students,Qiao Zheng, Tu Yifan, undergraduates delivered speeches respectively.