SDNU Welcomed Nearly 10 Thousand New Students.

From September 12th to 13th, Shandong normal University welcomed the new students of theGrade of 2020 from all over the country. Tang Zhouyan,Zeng Qingliang,Yao Dongfang, Wang Hongyu, Xing Guang, Wang Chuankui, and Wan Guangxia went to the welcoming scene to visit the new students and their parents, and expressed condolences to the staff.

The leaders came to the reception desk to seriously inquire about the registration process, epidemic prevention and control work, and fully affirmed the service and preparation work done by various departments and schools.They went to every check-in point, took pictures with students' parents, signed and wrote messages on the signature wall with teachers and students, and the whole campus was permeated with a festive and warm atmosphere.

In 2020,SDNU enrolled a total of 6672 freshmen, including 2214 in Qianfoshan Campus and 4458 in Changqinghu Campus.SDNU enrolled a total of 2651 postgraduates and 127 full-time doctoral students.More than 10 off-campus media reporters went deep into the freshmen to reportedon the scene and made reports.