On September 9th, the retirement ceremonyof 2020 was held in Changqinghu campus. Tang Zhouyan, Zeng Qingliang and Xing Guang attended the ceremony. The retirement ceremony was presided over by Xing Guang.

Tang Zhouyan issued an honorary retirement certificate to every retired teaching staff, cordially shook hands with them one by one, extended festive greetings to them, affirmed their hard work in teaching, scientific research, management and service, and thanked them for their contribution to the development of SDNU for decades.

In his speech, Zeng Qingliang expressed high respect for the retired teaching staff on behalf of SDNU. He pointed out that the development of SDNU is inseparable from the continuous struggle of generations of the teachers, Zeng Qingliang hoped that the teachers will continue to care about and support the development of SDNU after retirement and make new and greater contributions to the development of SDNU.

Zhou Junping and Zhang Kejian,as representatives of retired teaching staff, affectionately reviewed the good memories of their study and work at SDNU, saying that they would continue to contribute to the development of SDNU with practical actions. Zhang Weijun, secretary of the School of Information Science and Engineering,also delivered a speech. (photo by Wang Xiaohua)