Zhang Zhiyu , an Alumnus of 1989, Visited SDNU

On April 9th, Wang Huanbin, deputy secretary of the Party committee welcomed Zhang Zhiyu, a 1989 alumnus of the Department of Education as well as the Chairman of high tech financial medium.

Wang Huanbin warmly welcomed Zhang Zhiyu and briefly introduced the reform and development of SDNU in recent years. He said that the alumni are the important driving force for the construction and development of the university ,the outstanding alumni are the pride and carrier to publicize and promote the reputation of the university.He hoped that Zhang Zhiyu, owing to his many years of experience in media work, can give full play to his advantages and help the development of SDNU’s construction.

Zhang Zhiyu recalled the days and expressed his gratitude to SDNU. As an alumnus of SDNU, for many years, he has always maintained a heart of love for SDNU, and has been working hard to live up to the expectations of the teachers.He hoped to make a contribution to the development of SDNU.

The two sides discussed the development of the media professional construction under the environment of the new media, the cultural exchanges and the teacher education and training in the new situation.