Liu Guangxi, an Alumnus of 1981 of Foreign Language Department , Paid SDNU a Visit

On April 8th, President Tang Bo and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee Wang Huanbin welcomed Liu Guangxi, an alumnus of 1981 of Foreign Language Department,director of the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the China Trade Promotion Association.

Tang Bo warmly welcomed Liu and presented him a letter of appointment of part-time professor. Tang Bo said that as China's first WTO professional PHD of economics, Professor Liu Guangxi has rich and practical experience in the field of economic, financial and trade fields. He hoped to take this opportunity to strengthen communication and cooperation ,he then hoped that professor Liu could help Shandong Normal University build up and develop relevant disciplines.

Wang Huanbin expressed his appreciation for Liu Guangxi's coming and academic exchanges. He said that the construction and development of SDNU cannot be separated from alumni 's support and help.

Professor Liu Guangxi gave an academic report entitled "The upgrading of Sino-US trade frictions and the adjustment of global governance structure" in ChangqinghuCampus, which has stirred strong repercussions among students.