Huang Guanjie, an Alumnus of SDNU Came for a Visit

On March 28th 2018,Huang Guanjie, an alumnus of the Chinese department of 1986 and the director of the interview Department of the European times paid a visit to SDNU. President Tang Bo and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Wang Huanbin met Huang Guanjie in Qianfoshan Campus.

On behalf of SDNU,Tang Bo welcomed Huang Guanjie and briefly introduced the construction and development of SDNU in recent years. He said that SDNU has been striving for the goal of the first class comprehensive normal university in China,which need more international elements. Overseas alumni could provide strong support and opportunities for the internationalization of SDNU. He hoped that Huang Guanjie and other overseas alumni could come back for a visit and pay attention to the development of SDNU, play an important role in talent introduction, international cooperation and scientific research, so as to contribute to the construction and development of SDNU.

Wang Huanbin expressed his sincere thanks to the European alumni represented by Huang Guanjie for their support for the development of SDNU, and briefly introduced the construction of the Alumni Associations of SDNU. He said that the alumni are an important force in the development as well as the most enthusiastic supporters of the university. He hoped that the alumni could contribute to the reform and innovation of SDNU, and help the university to make a new and brilliant step.

Huang Guanjie introduced his own growing experience in SDNU and expressed his gratitude to the teachers. He also introduced the preliminary construction of the European Alumni Association. He said that alumni in Europe would strengthen the mutual exchange and establish the European Alumni Association as soon as possible,so as to build a win-win platform to help boost the development of SDNU.