Wang Hongyu

Wang Hongyu (male), Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee Vice President of Shandong Normal University 

In charge of the division of personnel, logistics services, basic education and attached schools and other aspects of the work, Personnel Office, Talent Work Office, Logistics Management Office,  Office of Basic Education, Basic Education Group, Attached Senior School of SDNU , No.2 Middle School Attached to SDNU , Primary School Attached to SDNU, contact the School of Chinese Language and Literature, School of History and Social Development.

Academic Title

Associate Professor , Postgraduate Supervisor          

Educational Background

Bachelor’s degree, ideological and political education, Shandong Normal University(1986).       

Work experience

Served as college counselor, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Director of the Personnel Department and Deputy President of the local communist party school, Shandong Normal University. 

Honors and Awards

take charge and participate in three provincial level projects, edited 5 books and published more than 20 papers, win the honorary title of Shandong new Long March Raiders, outstanding young workers in Shandong, excellent Communist Party members in Shandong universities, excellent ideological and political workers in Shandong universities and so on.